About Us

Xtreme body piercing and tattoos strives to be one of the best shops in south Texas. We offer custom tattoos and body piercings. Walk-ins or appointments welcome, what ever is best for you.  We have no flash on the walls, but don't let that discourage you. Our tattoo artist can draw anything and tattoo anywhere. Come and check out our work you will be impressed.

If a tattoo is not what you are looking for then come and see our highly educated piercers.  We have a piercer on staff everyday.  We do Microdermals, Belly, Tongue, Eyebrow, Nipples, Cartilage and all other types of piercings.  Everything is sterilized and opened in front of you.  WE DO NOT REUSE NEEDLES OR RESTERILIZE THEM.  You will get a brand new needle every time for your tattoo or piercing.  We offer aftercare products, such as H2 Ocean and Provon for you piercing and tattoo needs.

We have the largest selection of body Jewelry than any other shop in town.  We also carry belt buckles, wallets, wrist bands, and a wide variety of apparel.  So if your looking for a professional and clean shop that has excellent bedside manner and great customer service YOU JUST FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!!!!